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When seeking out a home inspector you will want one that is qualified and licensed by the state that you live in.  In the state of Florida, no one may perform a home inspection without a license from the state.  In 2007, the Florida DBPR (Department of Building and Professional Regulation), passed a law making it mandatory for one to be licensed by the state to legally perform a home inspection.  Home inspector’s licenses were made mandatory to protect the clients from being victimized by people looking to pass off a quick inspection for fast cash.  With a license, every home inspector can be held accountable for their work and their work must measure up to an industry standard to survive.

To get the license, inspectors are required to complete a minimum 100-hour educational course, as well as pass the state exam.  A background check also must be passed in order to receive the license.  Once licensed, an inspector can now decide if they want to operate as their own entity (LLC or sole proprietor) or work for another inspection company.  An inspector may operate legally under another inspector’s license, but the inspector whose license number is on the report is the inspector who is accountable.

The DBPR requires that inspectors renew their license by completing further education from a certified instructor or company.  The state of Florida also requires that an inspector be insured for up to $300,000 before issuing them a license.  This is to ensure that clients have an act of recourse in the event of inspector error that affects the sale or costs the client money.

A licensed home inspector is the only kind of home inspector that a buyer or seller should use.  If the inspection is done properly, the report will give the client all the knowledge they need to make the best decision possible for their investment.  A license is also required to do insurance inspections.  The insurance company will not consider the report without an inspector’s state license number on it.  Most present-day inspectors use some type of reporting software to report their inspections.  Their license number is usually imprinted into their software, so it shows on every report they issue.

Getting a home inspection is a vital part of making a real estate investment.  No one should ever purchase a property without knowing the status of all the components.  Armed with this information given to you by a licensed home inspector, you will be able to make decisions for your investment that will shape your future.

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