Certified Home Inspection

It is important to do your homework when looking for the right home inspector to inspect your investment.  To legally perform a home inspection in the state of Florida, a home inspector must pass a state examination after completing a minimum 100-hour home inspectors course, before receiving a license.  Once licensed, the home inspector is now permitted to perform residential home inspections anywhere in the state of Florida.  This license allows you to perform all inspections but does not certify that you have participated in any further education or have been certified to perform any of the other inspections a customer may want packaged with the residential inspection.

The most common types of inspections performed that require certification include:  WDOs (wood destroying organisms), pools and spas, radon testing, mold testing (these certifications are limited in the state of Florida and do not certify the inspector to treat), 4-point inspections and wind mitigation inspections.  If a licensed inspector wants to add these services onto their list of inspections they are certified to perform, they must go through a company that is licensed by either the state board or a nationwide/worldwide board such as ASHI or InterNACHI, to take their online courses and exams to receive the certifications.  The courses required to receive these certifications teach the inspector about the problems every applicable component may encounter for each inspection, as well as how to properly identify and report them.

When included in the report for a residential home inspection, these inspections will likely be attached to the report.  The inspections that require separate certification such as 4-point and wind mitigation may also be done as stand-alone reports for insurance purposes and requested separately from a sale of the home.

Many of these inspector’s education companies will require you become a member so they may sponsor you as a licensed home inspector who is certified by them.  Memberships usually cost the inspector a monthly fee but come with many benefits for the inspector including advertisement and marketing tools.  Many certification companies offer programs such as money back guarantees if the inspector so chooses to utilize and advertise them.

Choosing a certified home inspector will ensure the client that the inspector has taken the initiative of further education and has taken the necessary courses to properly perform and report the inspections that they want done.  Someone being a certified home inspector does not necessarily mean that they are certified to perform all the inspections that you want done.  As a client, be sure to specifically inquire about the inspections that you need performed.

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